Jon Wymer has worked in civilian and military ministry in southeast Nebraska since 2007

Equal Civil Rights in America for All

Published in York News-Times on Aug. 28, 2013 as a letter to the editor [link]

Dear Editor,

My heart hurts when I think about a United States of America where white people who defended or promoted the equal rights of black people were injured and killed without the perpetrators ever brought to justice.

I am not more outraged by what whites did to whites than I am by what whites did to blacks. But it shows the depth and systemic nature of the problem.

It is incredibly sad that of the hundreds of thousands of people who participated in the March on Washington five decades ago, maybe 20 percent were not black. It is intolerable that liberal and Marxist ideologies and theologies did what “orthodox” Protestant America could not.

This is one reason why I stand for equal civil rights in America for all people, whether they came across a border dubiously or sleep with someone of the same gender. I reserve the right to have a theological conscience and opinion about such things.

But at the end of the day I will work for the equal rights of all people in a free society. Even those very different and even opposed to me and what I stand for.

Pastor Jon Wymer
York E-Free Church